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Baby Girl!

Baby Girl!

Baby Girl

Baby Girl you're a star and don't you tell yourself different

I'm here to remind you, there's a queen inside you, for the moments you are tempted

Tempted to forget that your worth is far more precious than a quick fix

Tempted to forget that you've been there, done that, and heard it all before

You see, a star never forgets to shine, a bird always knows how to fly, and lions never hesitate to roar

So baby  girl it's time to mount up like an eagle and soar

Don't continue to cast your pearls to the swine..

.Because NO, he still won't see your value this time

Good isn't good enough! I've set aside my best for you

A King fit for the Queen, I've created inside you!

Baby girl don't you know you're royalty?

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see

I made you in the image of me.

You're my greatest blessing,

 My most intricate masterpiece

It's because of you, your mate shall have favor upon thee

But do you trust me?

Can you believe, when you can not see

Can you understand greatness lies within and purpose is the plan

Can you let go of situationships that profit you nothing

and prepare yourself for who I've destined you to be?

You see, you must bear the cross to receive the crown

But I assure you baby girl it's worth it

You're worth it

SO don't dim your light baby Girl I created you to shine...shine bright

Because Daddy love you! No condition.

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