The Story of Johnny and Keisha!

Johnny made no mention of their future because He was only living in the now. 

Keisha was speaking french talking a lot about we..but Johnny was only thinking of He

He had no concept of what love was but he knew how to pretend that He loved her.

Baby Girl!

Baby Girl you're a star and don't you tell yourself different

I'm here to remind you, there's a queen inside you, for the moments you are tempted

Tempted to forget that your worth is far more precious than a quick fix

Tempted to forget that you've been there, done that, and heard it all before

Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen!

After the abuse of men, Satan and His friends, I finally stopped abusing myself

I stopped believing the lies, I stopped digesting the seeds of low self esteem, I stopped  settling for any ol' thing, I no longer compared myself with the next..and finally finally, I accepted myself.

Stay True, Be You!

It wasn't until I met you, that I accepted Cee
I'm no longer pretending to be, I've accepted I'm Me
I was different from the start, created to be apart
And now I stand firm on your creation, I am who you created