Tuesdays are the days where I am intentional about loving on me! There was once a time where I didn't love myself, nor did I know how to. I compensated the lack of love I had for myself with the attention I would receive from men and unprofitable relationships.

The Wait IS Worth IT!

Any guy approaching you, in a compromised state, talking bout " We don't have to wait til marriage", "Nobody is going to wait for you" , "We're going to get married anyway", "I love you, so it's cool, this is a demonstration of our love" or "I can't wait any longer"....ummm yea oK THROW HIM AWAYYY!! Wait for the gentlemen who is uncompromised, and loves and Honors the Lord, because he in turn will honor you!, Not because of you, but because of His relationship with God! He will have a conviction, because of that relationship, to treat you like the daughter of a King that you are! 

Trust the Process

We want to see the process, before we go through the process. We try to plan our life out, and try to see what we have to go through to get where we want to go. We want to anticipate everything because by nature we walk by sight. We want be successful, but we don't foresee being homeless, therefore in our minds it can't be apart of the process

Does GOD Know You???

Yes, you may  have posted statuses on Facebook, liked pictures referencing Him on Instagram, Tweeted "Thank You Lord" on Twitter, or even preached a sermon about Him on Periscope, but does He know You!

Running On Empty

Just like the body requires water and food to assist with adequate nourishment and proper functioning, our spirit needs to be fed as well! When we neglect to feed our spirit, we are then running on empty!

Why I Settled!

Cee translation, there will be presentations in your life that will either birth an abundance of blessings and new beginnings, or breed destruction and take away from the life God has intended for you. To settle or not to settle, the choice is initially yours. 

Are You Willing to Die?

Now, for my saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit folk, I'm sure you all are like "well yeah, of course, we die every day." But for those of you reading this who are under the impression that I am referring to a physical death, I am not, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to outpour what  the Lord shared with me! 

The Devil Ain't My Daddy

Due to the state of our present nation, and the happenings in the world around us, it is necessary for us to declare who our Father is! I personally am screaming to the mountain tops, the devil ain't my daddy! I know many of you will declare that with me today, but by the end of this blog, it is my heart's desire that not only will that be your declaration, but that will be your lifestyle.