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The Story of Johnny and Keisha!

The Story of Johnny and Keisha!

The Story of Johnny and Keisha!

So Johnny Met Keisha and Keisha met Johnny

They exchanged a couple smiles, some attention, and Hello Beautifuls

Now Keyshia's  heart isn't guarded, because to her they're just getting started

You see, Keisha has already filled her mind with potentials and possibilities

Already envisioning the happy ending of Johnny and Key. 

But Keisha was too busy dreaming, that she missed the reality taking place before her. 

Johnny made no mention of their future because He was only living in the now. 

Keisha was speaking french talking a lot about we..but Johnny was only thinking of He

He had no concept of what love was but he knew how to pretend that He loved her.

All it took was three simple words ignite her soul because the words I love  you was all she had ever been looking for

Never once questioning if she'd been looking for love in all the wrong places

She never dropped to her knees and prayed about her King..

She never questioned his intentions before allowing Him to enter

 Her mind body and Soul was now in his control

but Johnny could care less about her feelings,

He was already planning their ending 

You see he knew what it was in the beginning

He knew she was only filling a void temporarily

He wasn't looking for his good thing, he wasn't looking for a queen.

He was caught up in the moment. Til that moment was over

Now Keshia is heart broken but her eyes are open and her mind now clear

Their love wasnt meant it was illegitimate

But this is usually how the story goes

the end

Baby Girl!

Baby Girl!