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Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen!

Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen!

So I used to only date dark skin men because I didn't think the light skin guys would like me

At least if our skin were closer in complexion things would be less awkward

I wouldn't have to explain to this little black boy,

that in spite of what society has depicted, my skin is beautiful

I didn't want to try and change his mind, that to him, light is what's right
And that my skin color was only useful to play Harriet Tubman during black history month

but Growing up My father Would always tell me,I was the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world
To prepare me for the colorism that I would endure

You see, He knew that there would come a time that his baby girl would have to defend the skin she's In

And He didn't want my beauty to be defined by the opinions of men

So my father would build me up to ease the blow, when the words of the world would try to tear me down

His efforts to protect security within myself,..helped,

but nonetheless I had to find that freedom myself

After the abuse of men, Satan and His friends, I finally stopped abusing myself

I stopped believing the lies, I stopped digesting the seeds of low self esteem, I stopped  settling for any ol' thing, I no longer compared myself with the next..and finally finally, I accepted myself.

I'm able to reflect on the taunts of my childhood peers and smile.
I'm not ashamed of the color of my skin, the thickness of my hair, or any other feature God has given me.

I look in the mirror and I admire what I see,
I appreciate the richness of my complexion, the history of my ancestors, and the beauty within me.

I rejoice today that I can proudly say, my Brown Skin is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I won't let anyone tell me different.

These are the Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen.

Baby Girl!

Baby Girl!