Still Thirsty! #HeartoftheDay!!

To be thirsty is good! You're not on empty, and you're alert enough to know, you need more! Don't ignore the signals in your spirit, telling you its time for more! Our body needs water the way our spirit needs to be connected with God! As you continue in this season, evaluate the things you are thirsty for.

PRESS #HeartoftheDay!!!

Your Breakthrough that you're waiting on, may literally require you to BREAK THROUGH! Break through, unprofitable relationships! Break through, corrupt communication! Break through, slothfulness, and procrastination!Break through, repetitive cycles of lust! Break through, anything hindering you from, pressing towards the mark! 


You're accepting of staying where you are, when you have no vision for your future. You haven't envisioned your book, so you continue to post on facebook. You haven't envisioned being a multi-business owner, so you accept working your 40+ hours a week. You haven't envisioned Boaz, so you're cool with Bozo. You haven't envisioned being rich, so you never try to obtain wealth. You have chosen to settle.