I was chosen to be a witness for Christ, and rest doesn't matter! The Heart of Cee is a reflection of my Savior! Welcome to my Blog!

Be Blessed-Cee!




Looking for ways to explain

The sweat on my brow

The prespiration under my arm pits

The butterflies in my stomach

The dancing of my nerves 

as my chest rises expeditiously

my blood is pumping and rushing 

because my heart is thumping

as I am anxious for the manifestation 

of life that is to come

I'm excited, yet frightened of

the unknown...the unfamiliar...

the unplanned events that tomorrow brings

But I rest easy as my soul sings 

I'm delighted, filled with excitement 

of the revelation that I am a new creation 

My past is a distant memory 

And in my future I am free, I am ME!

Excited?! Indeed, I have found my IDENTITY!

Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen!

Confessions of a Beautiful Black Queen!

Reservations of Love

Reservations of Love