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The Devil Ain't My Daddy

The Devil Ain't My Daddy

Whewww! Come on, let's all just let that out! I know that was your initial take upon reading the title of this blog post, but I'm glad that you did to prepare you for the subject matter about to be released. 

Due to the state of our present nation, and the happenings in the world around us, it is necessary for us to declare who our Father is! I personally am screaming to the mountain tops, the devil ain't my daddy! I know many of you will declare that with me today, but by the end of this blog, it is my heart's desire that not only will that be your declaration, but that will be your lifestyle. I write this from a place of imperfection, with the understanding that my lifestyle too, may have once misrepresented who I proclaimed to be my Father, but for many of you today, that shall be no longer.

I professed Christ Jesus as my Lord and savior as a child, but it was not until the rededication of my life as an adult that I was able to fully understand the commitment I had just made. Prior to my rededication of my life, I lived  a lifestyle similar to most, I  believed that once saved, always saved, with the mindset that God knew my heart.  I believed that regardless of how I lived my life here on earth, on judgement day I can say, Lord Jesus, I knew you were the son of the one and only true living God, and I accepted you into my heart, but unfortunately I never lived a life to represent you.  Because of the lifestyle I was living, I would only be in a position to say, I knew about you, but  I never saved anyone along the way, I never witnessed or spread your word, or even seen the value of honoring you on Sunday. I could stand there on judgement day and proudly say, I had your word on my lips, but not in my heart, and I was real good with posting a status, a tweet, and sharing a photo, but it stopped there.  I would return to my sexual impurities, my bottle of liquor or drug of choice, I would continue to disrespect my mother and my father, and tear down others with my words, and foolishly repeat the motto "you only live once".  Regardless of the declaration out of my mouth, my lifestyle showed who my daddy was. 

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
— John 8:44 KJV

Fortunately for you and I, God loves us even in all of our mess! When we disappoint Him, turn our back on Him, and misrepresent Him every chance we get, He continues to say my salvation is available to you! It's not his desire that any of us should perish or spend an eternity separated from Him, but it requires that we change our life completely. He created us in His likeness and in His image, to re-present Christ to the world. His design is to save you, so you may save others!

We cant live the word of God without the spirit of God.
— C.L.B.

I say this with the complete understanding that none of this is easy! It's actually impossible without the spirit of God! We cant live the word of God without the spirit of God. The reason we must be born again is so that we may receive the spirit of God (The Holy Spirit) (John 3:3). Have you ever tried to live a saved life on you own?, If you have then you can attest to the extreme difficulty of being obedient to the word of God, minus the Holy Spirit. We are born sinners, which makes it difficult to be obedient to precepts we have no value or true knowledge of.  Without the spirit of God, we do not belong to Him! (Romans 8:9 KJV) Unless we are born again, we will remain in our sinful nature. However, Once you are born again, you are a new creation= totally new person! Whoever you represented in the past, you represent no longer! For some one to mention your past would be utter irrelevance, because you are made a new! Hallelujah!!! <Praise Break> 

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
— 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV

Now that we have praised God for our newness in Christ! We must walk in it by the constant renewal of our mind because our natural mind will not obey the word of God! If there is not a daily renewal, we are putting ourselves at grave risk of falling into old habits, and the same ol' tricks. I mean what I say when I declare that the devil aint my daddy because my lifestyle represents that of my heaveny Father! In a world that hates Him, God created us to love Him and proudly profess we are His!  My mind is renewed today, and I believe the same has transpired for every individual reading this! Love Ya'll.

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